Household Cues

The best weight-loss plan is the one that you don’t even know you are on.  The size of the average American dinner plate has increased by over 25% since the turn of the 20th century, growing from an average of 9″ in diameter in the 1960s to an average of 11″ in 2000.  Is it any surprise that the national obesity rate rose from 9.7% to 34% during the same period of time?

Want to take the guesswork out of weight loss?  Eat off a smaller plate.  Bowls too.  And big glasses are for water.  Here are a few of my favorite portion-friendly kitchen products.


Corelle 8.5″ Single Divided Plate ($7.50)

Corelle 8.5″ Set of 4 Divided Plates ($30.40)

Click here for Ashley’s shopping list to get a breakdown of what goes where on your plate.


mubowls.jpgMeasure Up Bowls (Set of 2), ($28)




Le Creuset Set of 4 Mini Cocottes with Cookbook, Flame ($100)



Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.45.21 PM
Caloric Cuvee Stemless Measuring Wine Glass ($20)

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.47.05 PM.png

Caloric Cuvee Traditional Measuring Wine Glass ($20)



On The Go

Pack healthy lunches and snacks to fuel your workweek challenge.  Breakfasts and dinners too, if you are very busy.

Go green and ditch the brown bag with one of these Super Chill Cooler Bags from

Super Chill Rainbow Cooler Bag ($34)


Super Chill Happy Face Cooler Bag ($34)


Super Chill Watermelon Cooler Bag ($41)


Super Chill Baby Please Cooler Bag ($32)






Ringly Smart Jewelry

Tired of keeping your phone at arm’s length just to avoid missing an important call?  This smart ring by Ringly keeps you up to date with a discrete multi-color LED light and vibrations on the side of the stone.  Filter your calls, texts, Facebook messages and other apps according to your schedule and spend less mindless time on the phone.

Health Hack:  Schedule behavioral cues using the “Reminders” and “Calendar” apps.  For example, a yellow flash and two vibrations could be a reminder to take a 5 minute walk.  A blue flash and a buzz could be a reminder to drink water.

Ringly – Rainbow Moonstone ($195)

Ringly- “Divebar” Tourmalated Quartz ($195)



I’ll admit that I was among the last of my nutrition peers to jump on the Fitbit train, but after getting one for Christmas, I’m hooked!  The peer network is particularly cool and surprisingly motivating if you have any competitive tendencies.  Plus, the Alta and Charge track your sleep, including restlessness, time awake, and resting heart rate.  Trying to increase your physical activity?  Put on a Fitbit and challenge your sibling.

Alta Fitness Tracker, Silver/Black ($127)



Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband ($126)




Count Me Healthy

Originally intended to count golf strokes and blessings, these beaded silver sterling bracelets are perfect for tracking health goals.  Pick a habit you’ve always wanted to develop but doing but didn’t quite see it through.  The bracelet is designed so balls don’t roll back as you move them from one side to the other.  A beautiful and discrete way to mindlessly track those glasses of water, flights of stairs, stretch breaks, etc.

Behavior Change Bracelet – Sterling Silver Plated ($88)

Behavior Change Bracelet – Sterling Silver Plated with Black and Clear Crystal Beads ($78)




Fitness Fun

Say Aloha to pooltime fun with this pineapple tube.

BigMouth Inc. – Giant Pineapple Pool Float ($25)

After this we’re getting pizza…  and enjoying a reasonable portion of it accompanied with vegetables.  Namaste.

pizza1.png – Work It Out Yoga Mat ($32)